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Hi, I'm Lissa

Lissa Owner Stylist


Thank you for joining me.

I have truly enjoyed my many years in the business of

making my guests happy & feeling their best.

After all the years, I still love the magic that the

right color, hair extensions, a straightening treatment 

or a great shaping can make in someone's life & self-confidence.

I believe that your beauty does not have to come at the expense of your health.

I offer the cleanest products and services available

that still offer the best results. I am also known as "The Fixer".

If you have had an unfortunate hair cutting experience or

chemical damage, I can help get you back on track

with a reshaping, a restorative treatment or hair extensions.  

I understand the importance of taking time

for ourselves and the great feeling

of being pampered.

In my studio I want you to enjoy the opportunity to disconnect

from the world and let me treat you to an elevated experience.

With the amenities of wifi, music station of your choice,

 different streaming services, snacks & beverages are just

some of the options that makes for an extra special visit.

When I'm away from the studio you'll find me spending

time with friends and family (including our 5 ferrets!).

I love cooking & baking for the people I love

(feel free to ask me for a recipe!),

finding a great new restaurant,

watching a movie with my husband, finding the next great

reality competition show, going to a concert,

seeing a great comedian & traveling the world . 

Think we'd be a match?

Click on the new guest button below,

so we can get you on the road to the hair

you've always wanted!

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