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Thank you for the opportunity to make your hair goals a reality. 

Let's chat. I will ask questions and listen. We will talk about what you

love about your hair and what challenges you are working with

to determine if you are a good candidate for extensions.

Our time together will put your mind at ease about the process. 

We will create the best plan for you, your hair texture and lifestyle.

I'd love to go over any hair inspiration photos you may have

to get an idea of your hair goals.

At Shine the studio I can add color for chemical free highlights

or lowlights for more depth & density.

We can add a row for volume or thickness. 

Two or three rows for length & thickness.

It's all up to you!

Your first service includes; 

application, blending and a finished style.

I ask that you arrive with clean dry hair. It does not need to be styled,

just clean and dry. If you need color or highlights services,

we can discuss those needs at your consultation.

You should be happy with your hair color, before we choose the color

of the hair extensions that will work best for your hair goals.


Double Density hair refers to density of the hair in the extension.

Double density is double the weight/density of the hair.

All hair extensions offered are also Remy Double Drawn

Remy refers to the hair cuticle being placed in all the same direction. When hair

is not Remy it tends to be easier to tangle.

Double Drawn is the descriptive term to say all the hairs in the extensions are the same length from the top to the ends. There is no "mustache" at the top of the weft.

Ultimate Link Wefts

available in original & double density

 14-inches, 18 inches and 22 inches

natural, highlighted & custom colors available

Pricing is per weft

14 inches  Original  $330 

     Double Density $410

18 inches  Original  $420 

      Double Density $530

22 inches  Original  $510 

     Double Density $650

Application investment per weft


Application includes all shaping necessary and a finished style.


Twin Tabs; aka Butterfly Wefts

Available as Double Density

& Super Double Density

14, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24 inches

14 inches  DD  $365       SDD $390

16 inches  DD  $415       SDD $450

18 inches  DD  $470       SDD $510

20 inches  DD  $530       SDD $590

22 inches  DD  $580       SDD $645

24 inches  DD $640        SDD $710   


Application investment 

per weft


All applications iinclude any shaping required and a fiinished style.


full, mini & micro

available in 18 inch and 22 inches

Each package has 20 full pieces.

18 inches  $125

22 inches  $150

Application  investment per package

Full                           $60

Cut into halves       $110

Micro( half pack)    $100

Tape In 

original & invisible 

available in 14, 18 & 22 inches


per 10 pieces

14 inches      $210

18 inches      $240

22 inches      $310


per 10 pieces

18 inches      $280

22 inches      $315

24 inches      $355

application investment:
applied as 5 sandwiches  $40 
applied as 10 one sided   $100  
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