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A "Fair Trade" based hair extension company following a strict set of guidelines.  
Ethically sourced premium remy human hair extensions.

Infused with Perma Moisture treatment. With proper maintenance
this remy hair can last up to one year.

Double drawen hair is created with lengthes that mimic the growth of natural hair.
This gives the hair the fluidity of movement and thickness from root to ends. 



All Nutrient hair color yields the most gentle, yet effective results
because they are comprised of natural and organic raw materials that reduce
the exposure to pesticides, unnecessary chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.
These toxins not only strip the hair of essential nutrients, but irritate the skin
and contaminate our body causing unpleasant and painful reactions.

All Nutrien guarantees their ingredients come from world leading suppliers
who closely controlall handling of their raw materials. These suppliers
exceed regulatory standards and allow them to manufacture products with
the finest and safest ingredients.

They proudly boast a cruelty-free commitment to manufacture
products without harming any animals.
 Amazing gray coverage with minimal fadage.

*100% Vegan
*Formaldehyde-free & formaldehyde donor free
*No Triclosans
*No Propyleneglycol
*No Carcinogens
*No Toxic materials or heavy metals
*No Pesticides, fungiscides or herbicides

The Next Generation of Hair Straightening

Jean de Perle Aya permanent straightening system is an Organic Protein treatment. No formaldehyde, No fumes, No bad aroma. 
Jean de Perle is safe for adults, pregnant women, nursing women and children.
Can be used on bleached, highlighted, colored and virgin hair. 
It is based on multi organic proteins, collagen and amino acids. A highly advanced treatment repairs, replenishes and protects hairs natural keratin protein & dramatically improving elasticity and
preventing future breakage, while adding intense hydration
that restores softness and shine.