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Want longer or thicker hair without maintenance?

Halos, clip in bangs or a topper might be right for you!

halo coture.jpg
halo couture hair extension

The Halo extensions are available in two styles ;
Original & Layered.

The Original is best for fine to average hair density.

The Layered is best for average+ to thicker density
Or if you are going from short (above shoulders) to long.

Original is available in 12, 16, 20 & 24 inches
Solid color starting at $340 : Balayage starting at $440

Layered is available in 14, 18 & 22 inches
Solid color starting at $470 : Balayage starting at $570

When your Halo Couture piece arrives, after we select
the perfect length and color option, 
I will make any fitting & shaping adjustments
needed and complete your appointment
with a beautiful style for you to feel
great about your new hair.


The Clip In Bangs

Made of 100% Remy Hair

and can be clipped on in seconds

to completely transform your look

without the commitment!

 The Bang piece are 16-18 inches

& are customizable to your style. 

Clip In Bangs all colors $180

The Fall can easily transform your hair in a matter
of seconds! Placed at the crown of the head,
The Fall is secured by four comfortable,
silicone-coated clips that attach to your
natural hair while remaining damage free.

The Original Fall;
the hair is hand tied into a breathable weft,
which allows it to be redirected to blend
with your natural hair.
The Fall transforms fine hair into a natural, voluminous look.
Your fall with have between 83-88 grams of hair
and will be 16-18 inches long.

Original colors      $900   
Balayage colors    $1000

The Hybrid Fall: 
the hair is injected into a fabric base which
allows the hair to lay flat and can still be
directed to blend with your natural hair.
Your fall will have between 67-73 grams of hair
and will be 14-16 inches long.

Original colors        $520      
Balayage colors      $620    



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